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Megan Forrest

Entry Statement: I auditioned last year but didn’t get through. I’d like to show how I have improved throughout the year, and I want to prove to my family that I can do something with my singing and I can get somewhere with it.

Caitlin Millar

Entry Statement: After hearing my 10 year old niece at family occasions we think she is awesome and think she has a lot to offer the South Lakes. (by Caitlin’s uncle, Paul Perry)

Catherine Cribbens

Entry Statement: You should give me an audition because I have a deep passion for my act which is dance, I have been dancing for 13 years. Also I love performing on stage and I enjoy entertaining people. I would love to share my act with everyone there.

Megan Stanford

Entry Statement: I absolutely love to play my guitar and sing, of which I have been doing for about 8 years. I spend the majority of my spare time singing and learning new songs to play in my bedroom, and I am even trying to write my own songs… it sure isn’t easy… I have a bin full of crumpled up paper to show for it! When I get chance… (and if I ask my mum really nicely if she will drive me in…) I love to busk in my home town, Lancaster. I regularly perform acoustically at local fund raising events, school events and at charity events raising money for my brother’s charity – The Ryan Stanford Appeal.

Chris Hine

Entry Statement: Because I love singing.

Dance Atikk

Entry Statement: The young dance crew is new, vibrant and exciting. With the unique blend of classical technique and street dance this isn’t just your ordinary street crew… Watch the girls split leap, top rock and take your breath away…

Martin Hepworth

Entry Statement: I will be performing a pop/new age song in dedication to my mother.

Audrey Watson

Entry Statement: 6 Years ago I was diagnosed with P.T.S.D. This was due to a very long traumatic event in my life so to try and help myself with the help from my sister and with her friends the Karaoke DJ they encouraged me to take up karaoke singing. I have never looked back since. I have now been going to karaoke for about 3 years, I absolutely love doing karaoke singing now. I also attend a weekly singing group called Sing Your Heart Out and we have just done our summer concert at The Forum 28 in one of the rooms upstairs. It is my dream to perform on a big stage and I hope one day in my life time that dream will come true and I get that chance to do this.

Faye Keerie

Entry Statement: It’s my dream to become a star since I was 7 years of age… and never really had the chance or the opportunity to have that lucky break… I just lost my father recently and I used to sing with him… Now I want to carry on his legacy and shine for him and my family and also myself… to prove to myself that I can be a great singer. So please give me a chance to perform… it would be a great experience for me and a challenge… and hopefully a good confidence boost which is what I need.

Angela-Lee Kennedy

Entry Statement: I have a deep love of music, of all varieties, and enjoy experimental songwriting and playing instruments as a hobby. I would like to gain some experience of sharing this passion with a public audience, and hopefully build my confidence as a performer.

Sabrina Favell

Entry Statement: I am extremely passionate about singing and put my absolute everything into my talent! I adore to entertain people singing a wide variety and styles of music and the chance to be able to perform to a large amount of people as well as having this opportunity to take part would mean so much to me. To get noticed is my dream.